Goal [noun]

Definition of Goal:

aim, purpose of an action

Synonyms of Goal:

Opposite/Antonyms of Goal:

Sentence/Example of Goal:

The goal is not just about being the Greatest Of All Time, Kan adds.

“My goal as a board member is to try to make sure we, as a school system, learn from this mistake and get better as a result,” she wrote in an email.

Fed chair Jerome Powell first said last month that the Fed would seek inflation above 2% over time, rather than just keeping it as a static goal.

DeChiaro joined Golf nearly a year-and-a-half ago and came in with the goal of making Golf less dependent on ad revenue.

Key to that goal is hammering home his ban on travel from China and his administration’s work to provide ventilators.

The company set a goal become carbon neutral—including across its suppliers—by 2030.

Many of the world’s best scientists are focused on this goal.

If IBM can meet the 1,121-qubit goal in the next three years, the company says it is confident it will make its 2030 deadline for a 1 million-qubit machine.

“There is marketing value that comes out of the limited quantities, but our goal is to become a massive marketplace and to generate tons of sales on the platform,” said Fitzgibbons.

I know I strive after the unattainable, but still every year I get nearer and nearer to the goal.