Design [noun]

Definition of Design:

sketch, draft

Synonyms of Design:

Opposite/Antonyms of Design:

Sentence/Example of Design:

This ruled notebook contains 100 sheets with wide ruled lines, and features the classic marble pattern design on its thick cover.

Apple’s smartwatch made some major leaps forward in design and functionality over the past two years, but the new Series 6 is more of a modest improvement this time around.

They both employ a similar rangefinder design and comparable resolution.

It comes with an odorless design and offers weights that range from 4 to 30 pounds.

It was the design school whose legacy can be found in the gadgets we carry—Apple’s Steve Jobs and Jony Ive took clear inspiration—and some of the world’s most iconic buildings.

When you think “fountain pen” this is the design that likely pops into mind.

They’re sturdily made of mostly metal and fit a wide range of interior designs, thanks to their traditional candlestick base and neutral tones.

It simply designs chips and then licenses those designs to semiconductor manufacturers for a fee, along with a royalty payment whenever those chips are shipped to end customers.

They either use Arm’s designs as the basis of their own chips or license its instruction set, the fundamental code used by processors to communicate with software, for proprietary efforts.

In 2013, he took over development of the Apple Watch and Apple’s health initiatives, and last year, added oversight of hardware and software design.