Conception [noun]

Definition of Conception:

understanding; idea

Opposite/Antonyms of Conception:

Sentence/Example of Conception:

Campaigns have also been forced to reconsider their conception of Pennsylvania’s political geography.

Compare our conception of werewolves, vampires, and zombies.

There’s another conception of reality which I call the “container view.”

Two Conceptions of RealityThese challenges are rooted in a conception of reality which we have gotten so used to that we’re not even aware that there’s an alternative.

Another incredible conception from da Vinci, the Armored Car is surely the forerunner to the contemporary military tanks.

Adequate conception of the extent, the variety, the excellence of the works of Art here heaped together is impossible.

The conception of the relation of this institution with them as co-operative makes headway slowly.

The myth of "Boreas and Orithyia," though faulty perhaps in technique, is good in conception and arrangement.

From that hour dated a new and sterner conception of the task that lay before him and every other Briton in the country.

In fact, he says, with great candour and courage, that the early Bible conception of God is one which we cannot now accept.