Pattern [noun]

Definition of Pattern:

design, motif

Synonyms of Pattern:

Opposite/Antonyms of Pattern:

Sentence/Example of Pattern:

If I had seen it in the pattern I should have said it was impossible for your colouring.

It was precisely on the pattern of that worn by the visionary Maid.

The construction of the furnaces is of the ordinary French pattern.

In this she may be exhibited as a pattern for the particular imitation of her own sex.

You will not tire of it as you will of that which has but a commonplace form or pattern.

It was the pattern of room always to be found in such a house.

It was hideous, cabbage-green, with black velvet put on in a Grecian pattern.

It is a pattern, like the egg-and-dart ornament or the Greek key.

She liked the goods, but not better than a pattern she had seen at Wall's.

"The only pattern of exactly its sort and color," said the persuasive voice of Pat.