Disorganization [noun]

Definition of Disorganization:

unordered situation or thing

Synonyms of Disorganization:

Opposite/Antonyms of Disorganization:

Sentence/Example of Disorganization:

If you’ve been working off multiple screens and the visible disorganization of your cords and devices is bringing you stress, fear not.

Fiscal mismanagement and disorganization made holding utilities accountable impossible, she said.

In Cornelia's face the well-groomed expression showed sudden signs of immediate disorganization.

Further evidences of disorganization and want of definite aim were to come.

But these measures were the result of levity and disorganization rather than of any purpose to reopen the quarrel.

There was every reason to indulge in this pleasing belief; disorganization had extended to every branch of the service.

Pay them anything that is necessary, in order to avoid civil war and social disorganization!

Theirs was a proposal aiming directly to meet the issue of the prevailing industrial disorganization and wasteful competition.

It approaches this question of economic disorganization from a different angle, but the drift of its implications is the same.

The members of these bodies did valiant service in preventing the growing disorganization of the economic life of their country.