Tidiness [noun]

Definition of Tidiness:


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Opposite/Antonyms of Tidiness:

Sentence/Example of Tidiness:

Rags and tidiness, filth and cleanliness, lay almost touching.

Even his inveterate want of tidiness indicates a careless mind.

Tidiness is worth more to a business man than most of them realize.

There is no painting, and in and out of doors no taste or tidiness displayed.

They know every plant and its value, but they care little about tidiness.

I began to form my own opinion of the tidiness now, but said nothing.

It is that of tidiness, and its effect on the nervous system.

But in matters of tidiness and cleanliness she learned much from Sarah.

Besides, the tidiness is only surface, and doesnt worry me much.

The cleanliness and tidiness of a prison is different from that of any household.