Arrangement [noun]

Definition of Arrangement:

an understanding

Synonyms of Arrangement:

Opposite/Antonyms of Arrangement:

Sentence/Example of Arrangement:

Trading and lending arrangements are overseen by so-called smart contracts, which serve to enforce whatever deal—perhaps a 6 month loan at 5% interest—two parties have struck on the platform.

This sort of arrangement also allows the company to continue to bolster its shipping operation.

Dice that are connected by an edge represent tiles that are connected without sharing a face — exactly the kind of tiling arrangement needed to disprove Keller’s conjecture.

Cisterra eventually managed to persuade both parties to come to the table and to agree to a new arrangement.

They had their own local theories about why this was a commonsensical arrangement, but no one seemed to believe that these roles had anything to do with inherent personality.

Rather than exploring how neurons talk to each other functionally—which is all the rage these days with connectome maps—cytoarchitecture maps draw out the physical arrangement of neurons.

The new arrangement will protect schools from enrollment declines by tying their funding to last year’s average daily attendance.

Berni’s lab is also running further behavioral experiments in which larvae traverse agar plates dotted with different arrangements of food.

Their internal arrangement of electrical charges attracts water.

On the other hand, the actual architecture of the domus is obviously based on speculative factors, though bolstered by the known style and arrangements of spatial elements used during Roman times.