Compromise [noun]

Definition of Compromise:

agreement, give-and-take

Synonyms of Compromise:

Opposite/Antonyms of Compromise:

Sentence/Example of Compromise:

This we took advantage of, and after several meetings in London a compromise was effected.

Montelegre writes me that Don Yonge had effected a compromise on your account with the Castros.

Absurd—they have long ago scouted the idea of so ridiculous a compromise.

President Monroe signed the Missouri Compromise expressing his approval of this bill.

His great red feet were bound up in a shoe open at the toes, a kind of compromise for a sandal.

This Law is the foundation of the Compromise—remove it, and the consequences are easily determined.

After numerous arguments among the delegates had been voiced over a four months' period, a compromise was eventually adopted.

I was a New Englander, and in my opinion this sort of partnership would compromise her, sooner or later.

A compromise is sometimes made between the two above-mentioned bonds.

She had the fullest, clearest view of the situation, and she looked at it without flinching and without compromise.