Refusal [noun]

Definition of Refusal:

denial of responsibility; unwillingness

Opposite/Antonyms of Refusal:

Sentence/Example of Refusal:

It was this refusal which made Halbert discontented and unhappy.

What have you to do to oblige him with your refusal of Mr. Solmes?

Garson shook his head in refusal, but there was no conviction in the act.

The man met her pleading eyes steadily, and shook his head in refusal.

I didn't think it necessary to correct him as to my refusal of the Earl.

Helen did not sing in the old days, so that I was not surprised at her refusal.

He had already given his son the reasons for his refusal, and that was all-sufficient.

Mrs. MacDermott had been deeply hurt by his refusal to consider the ministry.

Morse was disappointed at this refusal, but it proved a blessing in disguise.

Nay, would his uncle, on whom he was dependent, consent to such a refusal?