Allowance [noun]

Definition of Allowance:

amount of money or other supply

Synonyms of Allowance:

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Sentence/Example of Allowance:

Wood did not provide specific amounts for charges other than the tenant improvement allowance.

I’d thought that in a pandemic-induced recession, parents would cut allowances and kids would find fewer things to spend on.

Freed from his presence, Black Sheep resolved that he should no longer be deprived of his allowance of pleasure-reading.

The next stage in bankruptcy proceedings is the proving and allowance of claims.

Consequently an amendment may be made diminishing the weekly allowance to a member who is sick, and also the time of allowing it.

"Not such a very short allowance either," said the doctor quaintly, and therewith the dinner concluded.

On the 28th of March however it was found necessary to make a considerable reduction in the allowance.

Due allowance must therefore be made for such impurities which are sometimes present in very large quantity.

Yet, in the haste of saddling, they found time to arrange a twenty-dollar sweepstake and the allowance for weight.

A scanty allowance of bread, with a tincupful of black, unsweetened coffee, constitutes breakfast.