Ration [noun]

Definition of Ration:

allotment of limited supply

Synonyms of Ration:

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Sentence/Example of Ration:

My plan was to reduce each man's ration of flower from 7lbs.

When either of us found one in his ration it was divided between us.

A pint a day was his daily ration, the only nourishment he could digest.

There was but one-half of one day's ration of grain for the horses.

On the other hand, the dog's ration for many days is carried on the sled he hauls.

I told Bemmon—ration out fruits and vegetables to everybody.

Any ration in which this proportion is neglected is badly balanced.

Such a ration, since the seeds are grown at home, would be cheap enough.

Would a ration of corn meal and corn stover be a desirable ration?

It can advantageously be combined with other foods to form a part of the ration.