Provision [noun]

Definition of Provision:

supplies, supplying

Synonyms of Provision:

Opposite/Antonyms of Provision:

Sentence/Example of Provision:

It has been the accumulation of years, and was intended as a provision for you and Robert.

The arrangements your father has made is one of provision against the unlikely.

The possession of the furniture would not be in any sense a provision.

Granted; and provision is made for this in the new order of things.

The provision made for the next year was calculated at 40,000 horse-power.

Provision had, therefore, to be made for the requisite means of transport.

The schoolmaster was the chief source from which I derived my provision of this sort.

They contained no provision as to the use of terminal facilities.

Of these consist the furniture and provision of mine hostess.

The provision of potatoes only promised to be of any importance.