Preparation [noun]

Definition of Preparation:

development, readiness

Opposite/Antonyms of Preparation:

Sentence/Example of Preparation:

What may be said of the handling of pastry in its preparation for baking?

Such material should be utilized in the preparation of these foods.

Describe the preparation of oranges for salads and desserts.

Their preparation for cooking is similar to that of oysters.

Tell briefly about the preparation of coffee for the market.

Meanwhile there had been bustle and preparation in all parts of the great vessel.

Margaret introduced them quietly, and went about her preparation for the meal.

The men returned to their fires, and began the preparation of their evening meal.

In fact, Simba was at the moment sharpening his hunting knife in preparation.

Would you think that Michaelis had anything to do with the preparation of that bomb, for instance?