Establishment [noun]

Definition of Establishment:

organization; creation

Synonyms of Establishment:

Opposite/Antonyms of Establishment:

Sentence/Example of Establishment:

He wouldn’t have taken those positions if he didn’t think they were viable as priorities with the party establishment.

If my employees had more money, I reasoned, they’d have more money to spend at those same establishments.

They’ve championed a surveillance ordinance and the establishment of a privacy advisory commission that would vet technology and its impacts before being considered by the City Council.

Meanwhile, Kennedy’s endorsers include establishment heavyweights such as House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

You can visit establishments like Axis Nightclub and Level Dining Lounge.

The survey doesn’t cover the thousands of restaurants, small retail establishments, and others whose businesses have been permanently crippled by the crisis.

Only she is a Democrat, and the establishment she’s decrying is the state GOP.

The medical establishment did finally recognize the dangers of prescription-opioid abuse, and started scaling back.

I mean you’d kind of enjoy the heck out of it and it would drive business to your establishments.

This led Congress to pass the Federal Reserve Act, and to the establishment of the central bank.