Formation [noun]

Definition of Formation:

composition, establishment

Opposite/Antonyms of Formation:

Sentence/Example of Formation:

The formation of the Earth was a violent process, marked by shuddering asteroid impacts and infernal, large-scale collisions.

To try to explain this, astronomers invoke the idea of “quenching,” where something acts to suppress or shut down the formation of new stars across galaxies.

Scientists also think the atmosphere has likely encouraged the formation of organic compounds on Titan, another boost to hopes for life.

While the second-year quarterback’s elevated play was key to the unit’s success, the usage of its trio of tight ends and the stable of backfield mates for Jackson allowed the offense to truly flourish – especially out of heavy formations.

Crunching all sorts of numbers about star formation rates and ages, results of planet searches and other astronomical studies yields estimates for each term in the CETI equation.

Putting a few grains of sugar on a stick or string promotes the formation of bigger crystals.

The significance of the different varieties is more readily understood if one considers their mode of formation.

Indications of asbestos are found at most points throughout the whole serpentine formation.

This island, like Number 1, which we visited in 1819, appears to be principally of quartzose formation.

For new taxes, however, it would doubtless be necessary to await the formation of a new ministry.