Production [noun]

Definition of Production:

creating of goods, result

Opposite/Antonyms of Production:

Sentence/Example of Production:

To the Roman, the scenic and histrionic were the vital features of a production.

I was enthusiastic over the production when I got it on paper and figured it.

Fuel consumption is a prime factor in the production of engine power.

But the production of such instances might be endless, as the work of Shakspere is infinite.

As production and trade were nearly at a standstill, the misery was boundless.

Production, and afterwards slavery, could be carried on only outside of the tropics.

Of these means of production there are two classes--the powers of nature and capital.

One of its objects was to create the capital required for the purposes of production.

Accident does very little towards the production of any great result in life.

Did you say not the production of a mortal hand, Mrs. Felix Lorraine?