Rendering [noun]

Definition of Rendering:


Synonyms of Rendering:

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Sentence/Example of Rendering:

In the air a faint haze swam, rendering the distances opalescent.

Another cause was rendering Roland's life not the most peaceful one.

A look that was surely a look of fear came into his face, rendering it new to Hermione.

Was there aught else in art than the rendering of what one felt within oneself?

They had ended by rendering each other all sorts of services at the Hotel Boncoeur.

Incapable of rendering any help, he sat there silent, awaiting the end.

But the shadows deepened, they could not dream of rendering help.

And in spite of her exclamations and protestations he persisted in rendering her an account.

Are you conscious that you are rendering yourself liable to penal servitude?

I shall put you in the way of rendering a great service to France.