Stupidity [noun]

Definition of Stupidity:

dullness of mind

Opposite/Antonyms of Stupidity:

Sentence/Example of Stupidity:

It is Stupidity alone, with never so many rituals, that kills religion.

Stupidity is not the proper word at all; you should say carelessness, thoughtlessness.

Stupidity and arrogance were plainly stamped upon his features.

Stupidity is the paradox to be found most often in all-powerful Gods.

Stupidity has all the knowledge, and Imagination all the intelligence.

Stupidity might be defined as resignation to other people's misfortunes.

Stupidity he warned against as one of the chief implements of the devil.

Stupidity is as great as the ocean; everything finds a place in it.

Stupidity wishing to simulate this, would make a broad movement.

Stupidity on the part of my people left in charge—nothing more.