Canniness [noun]

Definition of Canniness:


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Sentence/Example of Canniness:

He gave a remarkable proof of his canniness in the successful outcome of his bargaining with the trustees of the British Museum.

With a childish canniness he held the bottle so that she could see the skull and cross-bones and the word beneath.

Carson, with the canniness so characteristic of the American, was not to be so easily convinced.

As she doffed her warlike garments, her feminine canniness warned her that this was no time for explanations.

His keenness for the main chance, and his general canniness, all his subjects admired hugely.

This was said with such laborious canniness that the thief made haste to discover just how the land lay.

With the canniness of her new-found love, Avice approached the subject in a roundabout way.

He was, in a way, a Paul Revere spreading intelligence, and with Scotch canniness made a good bargain for himself.

A dog is singularly destitute in what is called in Scotland, canniness.

It was in the morning that the landlady showed her canniness.