Honesty [noun]

Definition of Honesty:

truthfulness, candidness

Opposite/Antonyms of Honesty:

Sentence/Example of Honesty:

I’m ever appreciative of their reflection, care, and honesty.

We do that through transparency and honesty, but also by being provocative and making sure nobody is indifferent about Moser—whether that opinion is good or bad.

The gap in views on honesty — which is a smaller 11 points in Wisconsin — suggests a potential shift in how voters see the current choice as distinct from the 2016 election and more beneficial to the Democratic candidate.

In his new book, written with Gabe Ulla, Chang scrutinizes his own success, bipolar disorder, and depression with the same honesty and bluntness that has made him such a critical figure in food culture.

In all honesty, there is no reason for me to have access all of the time.

"It was very good of you to go to London," said Gordon, looking at him with all the old serious honesty of his eyes.

Obstinate as he was, the girl's frank honesty conquered the angry old man.

But he met the doctor's gaze unflinchingly across the fire, and with complete honesty.

Thoughts of Walter Fetherston, the man in whose eyes had shone the light of true honesty when he spoke, arose within her.

Give us common sense, and common honesty, and a "steady supply of men and women who can be trusted with small sums."