Fairness [noun]

Definition of Fairness:


Opposite/Antonyms of Fairness:

Sentence/Example of Fairness:

While I play, an artificial-intelligence system measures traits including generosity, fairness, and attention.

“But in all fairness, the virus and the protections we have against it, have been constantly changing as well,” Huntsberry writes.

It also raised questions about the sturdiness of the infrastructure underlying financial markets and the fairness of ties among some of its gatekeepers.

We’ve always made clear that newsroom employees should avoid posting anything on social media that damages our reputation for neutrality and fairness.

Supporting “pandemials” and ensuring a gender-equal recovery will be integral to building fairness into the post-pandemic economy.

In the interest of fairness, I did admit to Wojcicki how wrong I was when it came to YouTube being bought by Google in the first place.

Since algorithms can lack impartiality due to societal conditions, designing for fairness from the outset helps ensure equal treatment of all groups of individuals.

An effective climate plan can provide certainty to developers and ensure fairness and uniformity across projects, while putting a county on the path to sustainable, responsible growth.

This summer, physicians and advocates took one step to address fairness in clinical formulas.

Instead of focusing on market efficiency, they are focused on market fairness.