Impartiality [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Impartiality:

Such measures are usually a fallback when the standard processes might not be viewed as sufficiently impartial.

The commissioners must also have relevant experience, analytical skills and the ability to be impartial, according to the Elections Code.

He was an impartial arbiter of truth and facts in a world that needs exactly that.

Holzhauer, who called Trebek “an impartial arbiter of truth and facts in a world that needs exactly that,” said the host was “an underrated rapper,” sharing a video of Trebek reciting the popular rhymes.

We believe strongly in being impartial, and we strive to enforce our Twitter Rules fairly.

The real historian, whose profession it is to be equally interested in everything, thus becomes an image of impartiality.

Herodotus was the first to give dignity to history; nor in truthfulness, candor, and impartiality has he ever been surpassed.

He must be sanguine, however, if he expects his readers to place implicit faith in his impartiality.

He would consider the subject, she said, with fairness and impartiality, and decide it right.

The consolations that look like the special pleadings of affection become, as it were, the mere expressions of impartiality.