Neutrality [noun]

Definition of Neutrality:


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Sentence/Example of Neutrality:

Between White Fang and them existed a neutrality and no more.

In this manner Germany preserved the appearance of neutrality.

Rome, during this conflict, had remained in a sort of neutrality.

"I lave it with you," said Davy, charging his pipe afresh as a signal of his neutrality.

For Gorman neutrality in any quarrel was no doubt inconceivable.

Captain, what is the cause of that signal; have you so soon forgotten your neutrality?

The representatives of the union renewed their appeal for "neutrality."

They refused to take either course, and declared their neutrality.

Schamyl would allow of no neutrality; whoever was not for him was against him.

It is correlative with black, which is the opposite extreme of neutrality.