Disinterest [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Disinterest:

As we fight a global pandemic that continues to ravage our country due to incompetence and disinterest in the suffering of fellow Americans, 2021 does not provide any clear answers or even a road map.

She thought of Ruth Holland, gave up the worn pretense of disinterest and let herself go in thinking of her.

Then suddenly realizing that he was showing disinterest the Gischalan drew himself up and smiled.

He thinks that he is able to maintain an appearance of utter disinterest in us and throw us off our guard.

In all his dealings with this country, he showed his generosity and disinterest.

The woman turned her head and glanced, in complete disinterest, at the two furiously-battling creatures.

Before them, Clarens' disinterest had gradually become absorbed attention.

"Fancy that," Bram Forest said with a lack of enthusiasm that proved marked disinterest.

He did not wait to see more, but passed on with all evidences of disinterest in this lowly abode.

Rick knew that his apparent disinterest could change to lightning flight.