Phlegm [noun]

Definition of Phlegm:


Opposite/Antonyms of Phlegm:

Sentence/Example of Phlegm:

There is a third class of diseases which are produced, some by wind and some by phlegm and some by bile.

Under Teuton phlegm lies an hysteria that rivals that of the Latin races.

A fellow of your phlegm should find pleasure in the contemplation of cabbages.

One of Popes precepts is, to write with fury and correct with phlegm.

I am always annoyed with phlegm, but to-day I seem to snivel more than usual.

There should then be a loosening of the phlegm, and a lessening of the flow through the lungs.

But as he has resigned his own elephant, as if it were phlegm, who will bring back that animal?

Let melancholy rule supreme, Choler preside, or blood, or phlegm.

British phlegm incased his soul, and British leather his feet.

He had no more of the Spanish complexion than of the phlegm of that country.