Aloofness [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Aloofness:

He had preserved a typically British aloofness during the voyage, and he had never spoken to her.

Both were nevertheless overpowered by the sense of their legitimacy and sacred aloofness.

He did not wish to imperil Alan's superb aloofness by involving him in the acrimonious and undignified defence of a friend.

But I knew that she was not deceived, then or later, by my new, almost hostile attitude of aloofness.

Val's unwonted silence and aloofness the evening before had not been lost upon her cousin.

Withal, however, he felt a strange loneliness, and an aloofness from the clamoring world about him.

Its main corridor had the bustle and crush of a busy street; but every face had an aspect of aloofness, almost of hostility.

The aloofness of class is a potent cause of misunderstanding, but Art knows nothing of social distinctions.

Barclay, totally unable to account for Paul's sudden recension from his aloofness, nevertheless secretly rejoiced.

In order to the sane endurance of the intimate trouble of the soul an aloofness of language is needful.