Sympathy [noun]

Definition of Sympathy:

shared feeling

Opposite/Antonyms of Sympathy:

Sentence/Example of Sympathy:

"That's bad," said the station-master, in a tone of sympathy.

We are held by particular bonds of sympathy and common interest with them.

Telegrams of inquiry and sympathy came from all parts of the world to the Castle.

In the selfishness of his misery he looked upon this as lack of sympathy with himself.

Or, I don't know that I should say she was not in sympathy with them.

As for Alfred Ried, there was more than sympathy in his face.

His instinct of sympathy with which he had greeted her at the outset was repelled, and made of no avail.

Mary regarded the afflicted creature with that sympathy born only of experience.

The sympathy of it stirred the listener to fearful memories.

But the police are out of sympathy with such finical methods.