Compassion [noun]

Definition of Compassion:

tender feeling

Synonyms of Compassion:

Opposite/Antonyms of Compassion:

Sentence/Example of Compassion:

They’re supposed to seek knowledge and peace, value all life, and be motivated by compassion.

As a progressive, I hold sacred the fundamental values of inclusion, integrity, compassion, and truth.

We’ve never been faced with a challenge like this, and the way it plays out will speak to our collective compassion and humanity.

Each new release is basically guaranteed press coverage—mostly stoking robot fear but occasionally eliciting compassion for the hardships of all robot-kind.

Some may have a misperception that I do not have compassion for those who have gotten ill from the virus.

Lastly, don’t forget to show compassion for the victims, and you can even use one of the content tools to create supportive posts and remind your audience that you’re thinking of them.

During the coronavirus pandemic, let compassion guide this element of your strategy.

Five years ago, an overdose patient hopefully got some compassion in the emergency department, and a little bit of a conversation about why they may have overdosed that day, or what we can do to help them.

His judges were not likely to feel compassion for him; and they all had strong selfish reasons to vote against him.

The Tories, with Seymour at their head, appealed both to the good faith and to the compassion of Parliament.