Grace [noun]

Definition of Grace:

charm, loveliness

Opposite/Antonyms of Grace:

Sentence/Example of Grace:

The president’s saving grace, for the moment, is that no one has come forward to speak on the record about those comments — and those who are speaking on the record support his side.

Thanks to Scott Lilienfeld for having the humility, and the courage, to challenge the veracity of his own field, and doing so with such grace and nuance.

Many of them were delicious in the role; one of them was the embodiment of every womanly grace and charm.

They ranged from moving trunks to cleaning cisterns, and, by grace of all of them, Sim was doing very well.

She was growing a little stout, but it did not seem to detract an iota from the grace of every step, pose, gesture.

May looked along at the dimpled grace, And then at the saint-like, fair old face, “How funny!”

See the ease and grace of the lady in the sacque, who sits on the bank there, under the myrtles, with the guitar on her lap!

Further enlightenment (as with men) comes through grace as soon as they become beati through turning to good.

She spoke with such a serious, tender grace, that Gordon seemed stirred to his depths again.

He passed them by, and haughty tenor and swaggering basso again took heart of grace.