Attractiveness [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Attractiveness:

Small businesses that used the money as it was meant to be used were getting a tax-free lifeline—a crucial provision that hugely enhanced the loans’ attractiveness.

The lawsuit specifically cites the attractiveness of text and shopping ads, both of which appear higher than organic search results.

His broad and intellectual brow, covered with but few hairs, added to the imposing attractiveness of his features.

Figures add so much to the attractiveness of literature, that every one would like to use them.

Man seeks to adorn death; the pageantry of the funeral, the attractiveness of the cemetery, all show this.

Contrasts are one of the charms of life, and probably in this lies the secret of the charm and attractiveness of Tibet.

She is responsible for its attractiveness and its comfort, its morals and its existence.

The attractiveness of the rooms depends on the perfection of these details.

To give the surface of the metal of this box a bold hammered surface adds much to its attractiveness.

Enamel may be applied to metal objects and add a great deal to their value and attractiveness if used sparingly.