Slimness [noun]

Definition of Slimness:

a physical restriction

Synonyms of Slimness:

Opposite/Antonyms of Slimness:

Sentence/Example of Slimness:

But this slimness of figure is not inconsistent with muscular force.

That slimness was something that ran in Peter Mink's family.

Perhaps that accounts for the slimness of the naval contingent now.

Notwithstanding their slimness, the figures in the picture are somewhat crowded.

Their “slimness” was carried on on every available opportunity.

"Especially, Emilie, with your standard of slimness," added the Lieutenant-General.

He was as slim as a sapling, the slimness of muscle and health.

It was a delight merely to behold the young master in his slimness and elegance.

The slimness of attenuation was merged in that of wiry strength and muscle.

And still the slimness of the native contrived to dodge the wiles of civilisation.