Restriction [noun]

Definition of Restriction:


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Sentence/Example of Restriction:

The only restriction in the supplement was, that they should not be sold below par.

If at any time she should recognise that a restriction was unnecessary, she would reject it.

Though I was yet a mere child my father did not place any restriction on my wanderings.

The copyright was granted "to authors," without any restriction as to nationality.

This restriction was removed by act of the Legislature, dated February 2, 1867.

The only restriction was that such defense should not interfere with the form of the trial.

But the fact that such a restriction should have been noticed, suggests that it was exceptional.

There was no restriction to immigration until the Chinese were barred out.

For this reason there should be some restriction imposed on them.

Moreover, he frankly admitted that he was tired of his own, so that the restriction was not brutal.