Stint [noun]

Definition of Stint:

be thrifty; set limits; period of responsibility

Synonyms of Stint:

Opposite/Antonyms of Stint:

Sentence/Example of Stint:

"Stint it, Humphrey," said the tall squire, with a burst of laughter.

I want to finish this stint, so as to have the afternoon off.

There he stopped, not entirely because his "stint" was done, but because what he saw surprised him.

With you every path is plain to us, every river passable, and of provisions we shall know no stint.

Daisy clapped her hands with delight, and did not stint her praise or approval.

There had been no stint of money, and it was an extremely handsome book.

We have been for a few days on half-rations, but we have no stint of roast squash.

It is sufficient, however, merely to set on record that there was no stint.

Henry, no longer so lavish with his money as in Wolsey's days, did not stint for this purpose.

If this injured his confidence it did not stint his courage.