Passing [adjective]

Definition of Passing:

brief, casual

Synonyms of Passing:

Opposite/Antonyms of Passing:

Sentence/Example of Passing:

"I'll take another piece of fish, mother," said Robert, passing his plate.

"Another cup of coffee, Mrs. Davis," he said, passing his cup across the table.

Passing the Jewish cemetery, Kate and Harry paused a moment.

Mr Clayton was not slow to remark what was passing in my mind.

Let you go down now to the spring well and give him this and he passing.

He supposed me to be some passing stranger, and did not recognize me.

The next thing was to borrow a trifle of what was passing through his hands.

Could he have understood what was passing in her mind he would have known better what next to say.

There was a silence that seemed long, though it was measured in the passing of seconds.

In passing I may remark that Hamlet, too, complains of "bad dreams."