Transient [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Transient:

Calmness is imperative: to be as motionless as transient beings can.

They got exactly what the transient may expect in any country.

The lines of camp-fires begin to gleam from the transient Bedouin villages.

"I will not make the most of it, Mr. Eld," the old man said, with a transient smile.

The emotion of grief is real with them, I believe, but transient.

Even in the Homeric poems, we can see that these ideas are transient.

Paul hung his head in a transient shame, and murmured that he was sorry.

They are transient things, I yearn for the Immortal state, Nirvana.

Inspectors then understand that one is to be but a transient guest.

It had the transient quality of a dream in which we were but masqueraders.