Temporal [adjective]

Definition of Temporal:

material, worldly

Synonyms of Temporal:

Opposite/Antonyms of Temporal:

Sentence/Example of Temporal:

The Pharisees had need to keep alliance with the temporal powers.

The love of temporal dominion was ruining the Church of Rome.

Their temporal sorrows have awakened their spiritual energies.

It seemed a long time to Amelia before she awoke again to temporal things.

And observe how this bears on the question of the temporal power.

The things of the world were temporal and the nations of the world were out of harmony with God.

In temporal affairs, the theory of the Papacy rejects the theory of the democracy.

Father, do you think the care of temporal things is ever a danger and temptation?

He found the temporal throne of the Pontiffs tottering when he ascended it.

The things that are seen are temporal, the things that are unseen are eternal.