Mundane [adjective]

Definition of Mundane:

worldly as opposed to spiritual; everyday; ordinary

Synonyms of Mundane:

Opposite/Antonyms of Mundane:

Sentence/Example of Mundane:

Let our men of mundane warfare do their best—it will be useless.

Mundane's name was in big letters, and you could just see mine with the naked eye.

Then, and not before, she may address herself to mundane things.

The boy looked up with his first gleam of interest in mundane things.

All mundane phenomena were inexplicably contorted that night.

Our opponents hold out for mundane origin of all black rains.

Who can tell what are the limits which the Master of worlds has set to mundane calamity?

Mr. Pallzey saw that this Mundane Existence was not all Pleasure.

But in any event, it is wise not to think too much of these mundane things.

Mr. Sagittarius started, as if suddenly recalled to mundane matters.