Humdrum [adjective]

Definition of Humdrum:

boring, uneventful

Synonyms of Humdrum:

Opposite/Antonyms of Humdrum:

Sentence/Example of Humdrum:

One must employ one's self in some way, and we live such a humdrum life here that there is chance for very little variety.

In this humdrum place, that is so cool and quiet, and to me so congenial, there is but one interesting walk.

The winter became severe and stormy, confining us much to the house, and obliging us to lead very humdrum sort of lives.

The sameness, the humdrum tediousness of the everyday life drives them to the city.

Byrons life at Pisa, as afterwards at Genoa, was what most people would call a humdrum, dull existence.

The remainder will be published in the New York Humdrum; the week after next number of which was issued week before last.

From the first Borrow had shown a strong distaste for the humdrum routine of school life.

School claimed the young Hugos after this tragical episode, where they were oddities among the humdrum tradesmen's sons.

This was not humdrum soldiering—cold and hunger, muddy roads and dreary marches.

He seemed to himself a homely, humdrum fellow beside this other who had stepped so lightly into Esther Northmores life.