Interesting [adjective]

Definition of Interesting:

appealing, entertaining

Opposite/Antonyms of Interesting:

Sentence/Example of Interesting:

It was interesting enough to take down the whole cake, and maybe even dip into the tube bag for another, and another.

Eventually you’ll be able to calculate something interesting, such as the path of a whole billiard ball.

That’s why an interesting pattern in analyzing SEO agencies is looking at the ones that access self-serve reporting platforms to allow full transparency and a semi-automation of the process.

The most interesting new strap is called the Solo Loop and it doesn’t have a clasp at all.

He shared some interesting news about a new program Lowe’s is launching to get more products from small and minority-owned businesses on its shelves.

She also finds it interesting that this stinky body odor has been around longer than humans have existed as a species.

So I have some professional questions and some not-as-professional questions, which I hope will keep you awake and make this interesting.

One of the more interesting tweaks is that Apple says developers have to actually say what an app update includes, as it will reject generic descriptions in the Notes for Review section of App Store Connect.

Even within social commerce the livestreaming is a really interesting area.

There’s no actual direct evidence that appraisal stopped the city from borrowing money but it was an interesting story of how they dealt with that and backed off the purchase agreement.