Readable [adjective]

Definition of Readable:

understandable, legible

Synonyms of Readable:

Opposite/Antonyms of Readable:

Sentence/Example of Readable:

Above all things he desires that his work may be clear and readable.

They have p. 10not always found antiquities “as readable as print.”

Verily all “practised people” do not find “antiquities as readable as print.”

From the author of "Creole and Puritan" and other stories; and is very bright and readable.

There was no readable expression on her face; he did not expect to see any.

The fairest and most readable of the numerous biographies of Cromwell.

The work is one of the most readable and solid which we have ever perused.

No recent book on the subject is so novel, so readable, or so questionable.

By far the most interesting and readable, part of the History of the World is its preface.

Not all of them were readable by my humble store of learning.