Magnetic [adjective]

Definition of Magnetic:

drawing, attractive

Synonyms of Magnetic:

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Sentence/Example of Magnetic:

By contrast, Planes and his longtime collaborator Lluís Mañosa are focusing on multicalorics, which respond to multiple stimuli, such as both force and a magnetic field.

NASA is investigating whether it’s possible to build a device that would generate a magnetic field to repel radiation, as Earth’s magnetic field does.

The effect is exactly what would be expected if the particles were being scattered by faint magnetic fields — measuring only about a millionth of a trillionth as strong as a fridge magnet’s.

Lenz supposed that at low temperatures, magnetic order should win.

The blips could be explained by weird new particles called solar axions, or unexpected magnetic properties for certain known particles, neutrinos, the researchers propose.

Another possibility is that neutrinos — the most mysterious of the known particles of nature — might have large magnetic moments, meaning they’re like little bar magnets.

That shock moves outward, compressing the magnetized plasma ahead of it and building a magnetic field behind it.

To make a Bose-Einstein condensate, atoms must be cooled while trapped with magnetic fields.

This scientist also is developing sensors to detect the moon’s magnetic field.

Cusp auroras are named for the polar sites where Earth’s magnetic field lines bend inward.