Repellent [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Repellent:

Repellent differences and dislikes separate them from mankind.

It was a repellent caricature, but could still be very funny.

He had found the only way, and repellent though it might be to him, he must take it.

There was something fascinating as well as repellent about the woods.

He grew daily more sullen and repellent, toward Albert noticeably so.

It was a man of repellent aspect whom she recognised instantly, for Jno.

He excelled in no sport, was unpleasant in features and repellent in manners.

That he should be attentive is natural, that he should be affected is repellent to my notions.

For, in proportion as life is pleasant and precious, death is hideous and repellent.

Yet there was nothing especially gruesome or repellent about the corpse.