Lovely [adjective]

Definition of Lovely:

beautiful, charming; agreeable

Opposite/Antonyms of Lovely:

Sentence/Example of Lovely:

This wireless speaker not only looks lovely but has a handful of really interesting features, the most interesting of which has to be letting you, at any time, rewind up to two hours with the spin of a dial.

Experiment with your drawing skills for hours on end with these pens' comfortable rubber grip, or make your letters to friends pop with lovely pastel accents.

The people are lovely, and there are some amazing places to wine and dine.

Essentially, whether existing in our world is painful or lovely can be understood in aesthetic terms.

There is this lovely idea that academic research that’s done rigorously and challenged by peers and referees will be so robust that it can just be put into play as policy.

The afternoon was a lovely one—the day was a perfect example of the mellowest mood of autumn.

Within the past thirty years civilization has rapidly taken possession of this lovely region.

At the same time he realised that she had never seemed so adorably lovely, so exquisite, so out of his reach.

Louis could not help seeing the lovely group, through the half-obscuring draperies of the open door.

Eve, too, lovely as she is, seems to bear no likelihood of resemblance to Milton's superb mother of mankind.