Delectable [adjective]

Definition of Delectable:

delicious, enjoyable

Synonyms of Delectable:

Opposite/Antonyms of Delectable:

Sentence/Example of Delectable:

As is usual in these episodes, he invites them to join him in the use of the most delectable oaths that he can lay before them.

Never will an earthly oak tree have afforded you a more delectable shelter under its leafy branches.

We have never had a hare roasted on the premises during all the years we have lived in that delectable place.

In fact we could not picture to ourselves anything more delectable.

Once more we found ourselves in the far-from-delectable town of Cape François.

Accordingly it requires that before attaining this delectable privilege, the “alien” must make a “donation” of ten dollars.

The bishop of Meux, who has been already quoted, does not fail to suggest some delectable additions to her titles.

After an hour Bobby woke long enough to eat a generous plate of that delectable and highly nourishing Scotch dish known as haggis.

It reminded one of nothing so much as a stained-glass-window depicting some delectable land of plenty and peace.

The Little Doctor, however, seemed to regret his loss—and that in the face of the delectable salad and the smile of Jakie.