Sickening [adjective]

Definition of Sickening:

disgusting, awful

Synonyms of Sickening:

Opposite/Antonyms of Sickening:

Sentence/Example of Sickening:

When I last wrote, on the Somme in 1915, I was sickening with typhoid fever.

A sickening conviction came that it was the dreaded influenza.

I had read the "Extra," with all its sickening details, and so handed it back to him.

It was sickening to see, because I knew what was going to happen.

Such symptoms, when a disease of the kind is rife, are usually the signs of sickening.

A sickening vision of that first night in Paris swam before her.

The simple words fell upon my ears with a sickening finality.

It's sickening, but I am afraid we must pass those tickets on.

Anyway, it did not sell, coming back every time with sickening regularity.

Why I ever made such a sickening ass of myself, I can't think.