Nauseous [adjective]

Definition of Nauseous:


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Sentence/Example of Nauseous:

Never was female friendship more strongly cemented, or less disturbed by the nauseous poison of envy, malice, or mean jealousy.

It was a nauseous draught from the bitterest waters of Islam.

They were shrouded in the fog which made the night heavy, opaque, and nauseous.

It, too, emitted what his grace deemed the nauseous odors of the perfumer's shop.

We eagerly quenched our thirst, in spite of the nauseous taste of the water.

And now Mallare disgorges a hallucination become too nauseous.

It produced there an effect akin to the sensation of nauseous emetic in his stomach.

The house was overheated, and the close, nauseous air made her sick.

All this nauseous mess was so ice-cold that she shivered in every limb.

She recollected how nauseous she had found it in the morning.