Soothing [adjective]

Definition of Soothing:


Synonyms of Soothing:

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Sentence/Example of Soothing:

In low and soothing tones, the maiden inquired, "Where did we go, Paralus?"

A still, pale fog is soothing; it lulls nature to a kind of repose.

The girls were soothing me and fussing over me when Aunt Frank opened the door.

I am glad that there is soothing in these dried leaves for those who require it.

It was soothing to his eyes, so used to the darkness of the Nibelungs' cavern.

And after that a plentiful application of soothing liniment.

Be thine the lips, and thine the soothing hand, that shall wake me from it.

You make one bite your head off, when one wants to be soothing beyond everything.

The old gentleman looked from one to the other with a soothing smile.

This shade and coolness, both so soothing, now brought him relief.