Serenity [noun]

Definition of Serenity:

calm, peacefulness

Synonyms of Serenity:

Opposite/Antonyms of Serenity:

Sentence/Example of Serenity:

Yet, in spite of this and other trials, he seems to have preserved his serenity of spirit.

The difference only between the eagle and the vulture,—serenity or restlessness.

He did not, however, manage to disturb her serenity at all during the afternoon.

Her smile came back to her face, together with her serenity.

He looked taller, his face shone with a serenity that seemed to transfigure him.

The sun lied when he sank, so sweet and calm, in the midst of the evening's serenity.

Above, in his room, Dr. Pascal was working with the serenity of perfect joy.

The mass of the French people did not regard these balloons with Franklin's serenity.

Her brother had recovered his serenity now that the patient had left.

The serenity in his face gave way to a look of bewilderment.