Quietness [noun]

Definition of Quietness:


Synonyms of Quietness:

Opposite/Antonyms of Quietness:

Sentence/Example of Quietness:

I've always wanted comfort and quietness, and I've got it here.

What hurlyburlies are here, where all used to be peace and quietness!

She wished to be left in quietness, she did not want anybody to question her.

The quietness with which he spoke did not rob his words of their significance.

Wasn't it better to go on living on our little savings in peace and quietness?

A sort of New England respectability and quietness hung over it.

It was their duty to do so for the sake of the peace and quietness of us all.

And is not shrewdness a quickness or cleverness of the soul, and not a quietness?

The remaining month of my stay passed in peace and quietness.

Struck by the quietness and the unlighted windows, they knocked hastily at the door.