Noise [noun]

Definition of Noise:

sound that is loud or not harmonious

Synonyms of Noise:

Opposite/Antonyms of Noise:

Sentence/Example of Noise:

The birds feel it—and wonder at the tune that makes no noise.

What was the use of all that noise and crowding and piggish hurry?

You've come to torment us before the time; do cease this noise!

He might make a noise lying down and make not a sound getting up.

The house was quiet but for the noise of the wind and the rain, and those Cornelius did not hear.

No, Plautus did not allow his public to languish for want of noise.

In any case it may want to make a noise more than to spare your feelings.

No other noise could disturb us but the cackling of hens and the quacking of ducks.

That was why she had made such a noise about it, in order to drown these words.

Do not open and shut the doors, and make a noise, as if there were four of you.